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BiBi Forensics and Advisory (Pty) Ltd is a  forensic accounting and advisory firm whose sole focus is on the pratice of forensic accounting and related matters.

We pride ourselves on the fact that while we come from accounting backgrounds, our sole focus is on the provision of forensic accounting and its related services. This allows us the time and ability to place all our resources into understanding the requirements for performing successful engagements. 

Our team has over 150 years combined working experience specialising in all areas of business and other fields needed to perform successful engagements including but not limited to: accounting, crime and law enforcement, economics, IT & Cyber Forensics, labour, law, operations & supply chain, security and tax. Our team are all former Directors and Executives of major South African Companies.

Please check out our website for further information or contact us https://www.bibiforensics.co.za/contact  , there is no charge for the first consultation.