Integrity and impartiality 
- We are committed to the highest ethical standards.
- We accept and value our duty to provide advice which is objective, independent, apolitical and impartial.
- We show respect towards all persons, including employees, clients and the general public.
- We acknowledge the primacy of the public interest and undertake that any conflict of interest issue will be resolved or appropriately managed in favour of the public interest.
- We are committed to honest, fair and respectful engagement with our clients.

Accountability and transparency
- We are committed to exercising proper diligence, care and attention.
- We are committed to using resources in an effective and accountable way.
- We are committed to managing information as openly as practicable within the legal framework.
- We value and seek to achieve high standards of public administration.
- We value and seek to innovate and continuously improve performance.
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